What have others said? Why should you work with Danny?



“Danny helped me through some really hard times in my life. Danny coached me through my anxiety and out of some negative mindsets. He identified my issues right away and helped me through them by helping me look at myself from a new perspective. He asked me to write my problems down and we systematically went through them and made massive improvements. 

My whole outlook on life has changed. Danny pushed me to become more motivated and started me on a journey of personal development. I feel more mature now and learned so many skills from Danny that I’ve taken with me to other roles. 

I’d recommend Danny to anyone looking to make an improvement in themselves. He has a wide arsenal of skills that he loves to teach to people who need them most. Most importantly, Danny never gave up on me. I’ve never met anyone so hard working and passionate than Danny. I’d recommend him to anyone.”



I was struggling with my work-life balance of being a business owner and running a successful restaurant. Trying to fit all the day-to-day things in became impossible and that is when I turned to Danny Gill. 

Danny first spoke to me over the phone asking a series of questions and each time I had to take time out to answer them. The conversation lasted up to one hour sometimes! These were done weekly in work time and off days.

Danny coached me through small targeted goals and how to achieve them each week. He then would ask me to create more goals. This worked extremely well and sounds so easy but at the time I didn’t see it. He then came to my business and talked to all the staff and helped me find ways to motivate them and to manage to step away. 

After working with Danny my business is performing better and I am getting more of a life that I was missing out on. My family life has massively improved and my future planning is much more realistic.

Danny is great at problem-solving and also seeing the issues that I could never see myself. He is also great to have at the end of the phone when you have an issue and I found that incredibly useful.

It’s an ongoing process, Not just a quick fix, but that is what Danny is best at.

Iain Conway


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danny on multiple occasions while he’s been a head chef. I used to spend 16-17 hours a day over hot stoves with him, and he’s one of the most caring and personable people I know.

Danny taught me a lot in the kitchen, but also taught me how to set achievable goals and how to limit my beliefs. I’ve taken his advice fully onboard and it has absolutely changed my life.

I’m now Executive Chef at a 5-star hotel in Scotland and I can safely say that I wouldn’t be here with Danny’s guidance. He’s a close friend and a fantastic mentor. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is looking to push themselves further, both in their career and personal development.

Jordan Annabi


I was in a work situation that really wasn’t for me. My motivation was at an all-time lowand even started considering if I would continue with a career in the kitchen. Havingworked with Danny in the past I reached out for a chat to then discover he was nowdoing career coaching.

Danny has always been a fantastic listener, communicator and one of the best
motivators I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We had several discussions
about my frustrations in the role I had at the time and just having someone with that
wealth of knowledge to talk through ideas and strategies with was vital in making the changes that helped me achieve the goals I had set myself. Danny’s style, attitude and easy to follow steps are realistic and highly motivational.

Thanks to Danny’s coaching I was able to use my successes to move on to a much betterjob and re-find my love for the kitchen that I thought I had lost. I can’t recommend Danny enough for anyone in a similar situation.