Bespoke Business Advice

Danny can offer a range of bespoke business advice to help you take your business forward and cut out the competition.

Throughout his career in hospitality, Danny has managed some of Britains most respected kitchens. The fast-paced nature of the trade has taught Danny many skills that he can bring to your business.

Danny will help lead your business to a better future by offering relevant and trusted advice that will allow your business to grow. From the very start of your consultation, Danny will offer bespoke business advice that covers these topics and more:

How to better manage employees to maximise performance

The best businesses need the most engaged employees, and they’re probably already in your business. There is often no need to look elsewhere for talent. Danny can coach you to better manage the talent you already have. Streamlining your management processes will allow you to get better results from your team.

Collaborating with others to bring in new opportunities

Running a business alone can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By learning to work well with other businesses and partners you can make many new and varied opportunities happen. Danny will teach you the best ways to collaborate with others while focusing on your main business goals.

How to build a professional network

Throughout his years as a chef, Danny has built many professional relationships that have allowed his own reputation and business to grow. Danny can teach these social skills to you, allowing you to build a network that will help push your business forward.